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About Testbook 

The fastest rising startup in the EdTech space, focussed on Engineering and Government Job Exams and with an eye to capture UPSC, PSC and international exams.Testbook is poised to revolutionize the industry. With a registered user base of over 1.36 Crore students, more than 450 crore questions solved on the WebApp and a knockout Android App, Testbook has raced to the front and is ideally placed to capture bigger markets.

Testbook is the perfect incubator for talent. You come, you learn, you conquer. You train under the best mentors and become an expert in your field in your own right. That being said, the flexibility in the projects you choose, how and when you work on them, what you want to add to them is respected in this startup. You are the sole master of your work.

The IIT pedigree of the co-founders has attracted some of the brightest minds in the country to Testbook. A team that is quickly swelling in ranks, it now stands at 500+ in-house employees and hundreds of remote interns and freelancers. And the number is rocketing weekly. Now is the time to join the force

1) Be the point person for any technical-related issues before, during, and after a live class session.
2)Checking for the SOS and updates of scheduled live classes.
3)Setting up the Camera,Mic,Light and Digital Board for Live class in Studio.
4)Doing the green screen setup for live classes via OBS.
5) Resolve any software issue on the spot
6) Basic video setup assistance to teacher/faculty
7) Relay major setup tech issues or software issues to the concerned person and maintain the report, follow-up resolution.
8) Detailed checks and reporting real-time issues during a live session
9) Auditing of lectures to make sure its as per standard.
10) To be active on SOS for tracking live classes.
11)Can be required to edit videos when needed.
11)Working on google sheet to maintain and update records.
Key Points to be notice: 
  • Pre-production:
  • Plan technical requirements for green screen shoots.
  • Ensure proper setup of equipment and lighting.
  • Technical Expertise:
  • Understand green screen technology and camera settings.
  • Select appropriate cameras and lenses and gimbal handling.
  • Lighting Design:
  • Design and set up even lighting for green screen shoots.
  • Adjust lighting based on creative requirements.
  • Camera Operation:
  • Operate the camera, framing shots effectively.
  • Coordinate with the crew for smooth camera movements.
  • Collaboration (again):
  • Communicate effectively with the team during the shoot.
  • Ensure consistency with the marketing campaign.
  • Problem-solving:
  • Address technical challenges during the shoot.
  • Provide creative solutions for obstacles.
  • Post-production Collaboration:
  • Collaborate with post-production teams for seamless integration.
  • Provide input during post-production for visual effects.
  • Quality Control:
  • Monitor and ensure overall quality of footage.
  • Review dailies and make adjustments as needed.
Qualifications ...
1)Should have the experience of handling different camera for both Video and still.
2)Should have the knowledge of basic lighting and green screen setup.
2) Eagerness to learn new softwares and its technicalities
3) Understanding of how LIVE videos work
4) Basic understanding of Google Sheets, Google meet and Google chats
5) Ability to work on deadlines
6) Know-how of Windows and Mac OS issues and resolutions
7) Great communication skills and time-efficient
8) Familiar with OBS, Anydesk,Youtube